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Sony And Honda Joint Autonomous Electric Cars Could Come With A PS5

Sony and Honda’s upcoming autonomous electric cars or EVs could soon be fitted with PS5, according to a report by Eurogamer.

Named Sony Honda Mobility, the venture is expected to rival EV industry leader Tesla. The addition of a gaming gadget is also in tune with what Musk plans to do with his car company.

The Tesla boss had hinted at bringing games like Cyberpunk 2077 and a demo for steam to its EVs which already now sport larger horizontal screens and AMD RDNA 2 graphics chips. Hypebeast reported that the Sony x Honda EV preorder will open in 2025 and delivery would begin in 2026.

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On the part of Sony and Honda, the plan is likely to make the PS5 a part of the EV and not just a console fitted in its dashboard. However, Yasuhide Mizuno, chair of Sony Honda Mobility and senior managing officer of Honda Motor Co., believes that it will take some time for the companies to make the gaming addition to their vehicles.

Mizuno explained that Honda wants to make a car that is able to cater to the entertainment needs of users, and that is where Sony enters in the partnership. Additionally, the gaming company is supplying the sensor tech that is needed for autonomous driving, thanks to its work in the virtual reality headset tracking business.

While the EV game may have gone too far for newcomers to make big steps in a short time, the autonomous industry is still wide open as many, including Tesla, still face problems in making their autonomous systems work perfectly.

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