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Sony Curbs Explicit Content In PlayStation Games

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Sony introduced stricter rules partly based on the #MeToo movement. This is in a move to curb sexually explicit content on the PlayStation games.


There are now growing concerns about the depiction of women in video games. Sony has, because of these concerns, established its own guidelines. They will urge creators to offer well-balanced content on the platform. They will also encourage gaming that does not affect the growth and development of young people.


Sony revealed that this decision was based on the rise of the #MeToo movement. The movement birthed the s****l assault and harassment allegations that shook the entertainment and tech industries around the world.


Sony kicks in these measures, in a bid to prevent such legal actions.


Sony PlayStation explicit games


In 2014, there was the GamerGate controversy which saw death and r**e threats directed at women. An online campaign against cultural critic Anita Sarkeesian was then launched for challenging the portrayal of women in video games. She was part of the Feminist Frequency web series.


She was also forced to go into hiding and had to cancel a speaking engagement at Utah State University. This came after the school got emails threatening to stage the “deadliest shooting in American history” if she appeared.


PlayStation 4 is arguably the most popular video game console in the world. It has more than 94 million units sold worldwide. The division also accounts for up to one-third of Sony’s total revenue.

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