You are currently viewing Sony buys ‘Destiny’ makers Bungie for $3.6 billion
Sony buys 'Destiny' makers Bungie for $3.6 billion

Sony buys ‘Destiny’ makers Bungie for $3.6 billion

Sony and Bungie have released statements confirming their merger in a deal worth $3.6 billion. Meanwhile, Bungie will continue to exist as an independent company with creative control over its operations.

Also, the company will not be mandated to make its games exclusive to PlayStation consoles, at least not yet. Then, why is Sony purchasing the company?

TechCrunch believes Sony wants to leverage Bungie’s live service game experience to make its own games. The PlayStation makers have already announced that it wants to move to live service games and are willing to spend 55 per cent of its budget on these kinds of games by 2025.

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Before March 2026, Sony has plans to release a minimum of 10 live service games. It believes this is achievable with Bungie now a member of Sony’s gaming division.

The acquisitions don’t appear to be stopping anytime soon for the Japanese gaming corporation. In related news, it just bought Haven Studios, and the company is already helping it build a multiplayer title.

Bungie had split from Microsoft, Sony’s biggest gaming rival, in 2007 and went private. It had been bought seven years earlier and memorably developed the first Halo game and its subsequent franchise, which Microsoft would later retain ownership of. The game developers made Destiny and Destiny 2 while it was in a publishing contract with Activision.

There is likely still more to come from Bungie as it has repeatedly proven its ability to make cult classic games.

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