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Sony is bringing ads to PlayStation games real soon

Sony is bringing ads to free-to-play PlayStation games in 2022 as a way to bring developers monetary rewards.

Reports claim that PlayStation free games will soon start featuring advertisements by the end of 2022. Likely, the move will encourage developers to continue to design such games and make money in the process.

The company will likely make the ads as unobtrusive as possible to give players a good gaming experience. They may come as billboards in-game, and there could be rewards for watching ads as many smartphones already offer.

Although the company has not said anything about the ads, there are rumours of Sony using a private marketplace to sell it.

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It is not yet clear if the developers would be able to earn directly from the arrangement, or they would have to wait for Google to pay them from the ad revenue.

Sony is not the only gaming company exploring the ad revenue path. Microsoft has also set its sights on something of a similar nature and wants to show ads in its free games on Xbox. The company claims to be giving the entire revenue to the game developers without taking a cut.

There are several issues with these gaming developments. One is that the game publishers will have to convince advertisers that it is worth promoting their goods or service through ads that players may not even notice if it is successfully unobtrusive. Also, there will be some issues in tracking players’ behaviour after seeing the ads.

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