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Softbant sell ARM To Nvidia

SoftBank Will Reportedly Sell ARM To NVIDIA For More Than $40 billion

SoftBank is preparing to sell chipmaker ARM to Nvidia according to reports. The deal could be done as early as next week and is reportedly worth more than $40 billion according to The Wall Street Journal.


For months, only Nvidia had appeared as a concrete suitor in discussions with SoftBank regarding ARM. The deal would be one of the biggest ever in the chip sector if it pushes forward. There’s also the possibility of intense regulatory scrutiny in the event of its completion.


Nvidia is the leading maker of GPUs, which ARM also designs. However, Nvidia doesn’t do much in designing CPU chips or mobile hardware except for the Tegra line of mobile chipsets used in devices like the Nintendo Switch. Buying out ARM would likely to change that and increase its domination of the chip market.

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SoftBank bought ARM in 2016 for $31 billion and has significantly improved that valuation since then. ARM’s chips power mobile device processors for companies like Apple, Samsung, and Qualcomm.


The company is also trying to enter into the PC chip market starting by partnering Microsoft to make an ARM-based Surface and a version of Windows for ARM. It also is partnering with Apple to switch future Macs to ARM-based chipsets.


The Wall Street Journal reports that both companies have been in ‘exclusive’ talks for weeks and they might settle on a conclusion soon.


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