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Social Distancing: Why You Must Practice It And How

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The spread of Coronavirus has caused governments around the world to take serious measures, one being social distancing.


Social distancing practices are changes in human social behaviour that can help stop the spread of infectious diseases.


These often include reducing social contact, work and schooling among healthy and unhealthy individuals to reduce the risk of transmitting an infectious disease and containing its outbreak.


Social distancing; how to stay safe from coronavirus
Social Distancing. Photo: Green Queen


“That’s an important way to protect the most vulnerable members of our society,” said Crystal Watson, a public health preparedness expert at Johns Hopkins University.

“It should delay some of the inevitable infections until treatments — or even a vaccine— are developed, and it will reduce the chances that the healthcare system will be swamped with more patients than it can handle at once.” She further explained.


Several countries of the world including italy, US, Spain, Iran amongst others have placed their countries on full lock-down. Lagos, Ogun and Kwara States in Nigeria have also suspended gatherings of more than 50 persons.


Already, Italy on Thursday hit a foreboding milestone, surpassing China for the largest number of coronavirus-related deaths, at 3,405.


The deadly virus seems to be spiralling out of control and this is why social distancing is paramount. Here are some ways everyone can practice social distancing.

Avoid large gatherings

As an individual, you can lower your risk of infection by reducing your rate of contact with other people. Everyone is strongly advised to avoid social gatherings, especially events with large numbers of people or crowds. This will lower the chance of contacting and passing on the virus.

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Work From Home

Work from home if possible. organise meetings via video calls rather than doing them in person. Also, avoiding unnecessary use of public transport (yes,you read right) is highly recommended in this times. Already, the Lagos State Government have shut down schools to take effect from March 23rd. This is to reduce the risk of spread from teachers to students and vice-versa.

No hugging, Touching Or Kissing

Unnecessary physical contact puts you at risk of the virus. Avoid physical contact with others in social situations, including handshakes, hugs and kisses. Protect yourselves and do stay healthy.


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