You are currently viewing Snapchat Plus already has over one million users
Snapchat Plus already has over one million users

Snapchat Plus already has over one million users

Snap says that it has already gotten over one million paying subscribers on its paid platform, Snapchat Plus. So, it turns out that Snappers (is that the name of its users?) are rich rich.

The company launched the paid version of its app in June to increase its revenue sources, and it seems that users didn’t mind. We have seen several scenarios where users of a free platform are reluctant to start paying for some obscure additional features (Twitter Blue comes to mind).

However, before we can judge just how remarkable this feat is, we would love to see the numbers from Telegram Premium and Twitter Blue too.

Snapchat Plus brings features like changing the app icon, seeing who watched your story more than once, getting early access to new features, and a desktop version for $3.99 every month.

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With nearly 332 million daily users in 2022, Snap has managed to monetise directly only a tiny fraction of its users. Yet, it would be much more impressive if we see how its competitors are fairing.

Following the announcement of a million premium users, the company is rolling out four new features exclusively for them. One of the features is that their story replies will get more prominence, so they will be more visible than those of regular users when they reply to public figures and other creators with a verified Snapchat account.

In addition, they will get special backgrounds, new app icon designs, and the ability to add an emoji that friends see after viewing their Snaps. It seems Snap is successfully pivoting away from overreliance on ad revenue.

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