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Snapchat Plans To Infuse Bitmoji In Games

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Game developers will soon start importing Bitmoji characters in 3D games on Snapchat. The developer company, Snap, explained that a new Bitmoji for Games SDK will support games built in the Unreal Engine, Unity and their in-house PlayCanvas engines. It will also be free for the selected developers chosen by Snap.


The Bitmoji function will work by using Snap’s Snapchat app to scan a code in the game. This will link the game to your Snapchat account. The company also plans to support the functionality across games on Consoles, mobiles and PCs. It has also allowed other app developers to import Bitmoji with the Bitmoji Kit.


In the past, Nintendo Wii had introduced the concept of Miis in games across the Wii, Wii U, DS, 3DS and Switch. So, the idea of using the same characters across multiple games is not new. Another tech giant, Microsoft, also used the concept in the Xbox 360 era with its Xbox Avatars. They appeared in games like Kinect Sports and even Guitar Hero 5.


Snap also announced a new hire. Kenny Mitchell, who was the former Vice President of Marketing at McDonald’s, is the new Chief Marketing Officer at Snap. It looks like the company is going through a new era of projecting itself through Bitmoji.


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Mitchell was responsible for the Serena Williams tennis game inside Snapchat that got an average of 200 seconds of play and a Super Bowl augmented reality lens that went viral.


In 2016, Snap acquired Bitstrips, the parent company of Bitmoji, for only $64 million. It has since become one of the top 10 mobile apps. They then launched the Snap Kit platform in 2018 that allows developers to integrate Bitmoji in the keyboard of other apps.

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