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Snapchat Now Has 203 Million Daily Active Users

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Snap, the company responsible for Snapchat seems to be doing great this year. Snapchat has been able to add 13 million active users to its app this past quarter of 2019. The company now boasts of having up to 203 million users daily worldwide. This is the best the company has done since it went public.


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Snap has recently invested in product features that are more targeted at its global users. It has also been able to create face filters that go viral. The consensus is that these investments are paying off and they may be the reason for its sudden massive growth.


Snapchat Gender Swap


According to Snap, about nine million of the new users joined because of their face filters. They reckon that the other six million was because the company started to think more globally and focus to reach a wider audience with its products. The company was able to create a better user experience for Android users this year when it introduced an optimised version of the app for Android.


The fact that more people in the world use Android devices made it easy for the app to accommodate a larger sphere of users. Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snap confirmed that Android users were able to send seven per cent more snaps with the new app than with the old one.


Snap doing numbers

Speaking on inclusion, Snap is also now trying to include more languages to the app so that it can appeal to people outside English-speaking countries. Spiegel also revealed that the company is partnering with telecom companies around the world on how to manage data costs.


This would be necessary for countries like Nigeria where data costs an arm and a leg. Therefore, it will be a great move for Snap to find a way to reduce data usage on Snapchat for users in these regions. If you have ever used Snapchat in Nigeria, then you know it gulps a lot of data, so this would be a great move.


Snapchat Filters


Earlier in the year, the company also launched eight new largely-spoken languages. These languages include Marathi, Gujarati, Vietnamese, Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi. Asia and its huge population seem to be a focus for the company.


The gender swap filters and endorsements from celebrities who use the app were also responsible for why a lot more people started visiting the app again. The app intends to continue this growth trends into the new year as it continues to work on its strengths.

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