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Everything you need to know about Snapchat drome camera Pixy

Pixy is Snapchat’s $229 attempt to make a friendly drone camera for your social media needs. From the same workshop that made the Snapchat spectacles, Pixy is a flying camera that is $500 cheaper than the standard iPhone 12, so you don’t have to worry about creating a hole in your pocket.

Released on April 28 2022, the small Snap-yellow shooter can fit in your pocket or handbag and is light enough to carry about. It doesn’t need a controller as it can take off from your outstretched palm and land again. You, however, need to program the flight patterns to get a good snapping experience. This programming is not complicated as there are intuitive buttons at the top of the device to do this.

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To make the drone take off, its front camera needs to be roughly at your eye level while your palm is outstretched. The drone will track you as you move around and once you are ready to end the flight, just stretch out your palm again, and it lands.

When fully charged, the drone can fly for a total of about 2 minutes, broken into 5 to 8 flights of about 10 to 20 seconds on a battery that costs $20.

Snapchat Pixy uses a 12MP lens and can capture about 1,000 photos (or 100 videos) on its 16GB storage. The files from your Snap drone can be synced directly with the Memories section of your Snapchat. Additionally, it does not capture audio, which allows you to edit on the app.

The makers caution that the drone should not be used over water or shiny, reflective surfaces because it could confuse its bottom camera, which controls its flight.

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