“Slay”, Film On Sugar Daddy Syndrome Hits NO 1 On Netflix Nigeria

“Slay”, Film On Sugar Daddy Syndrome Hits NO 1 On Netflix Nigeria

Elvis Chucks star-studded film “Slay” is now available for viewing on Netflix. The new film debuted on the streaming platform on Monday, April 26th.

Already, “Slay” 2021 is enjoying glowing reviews from fans and doing great numbers on the platform. The film peaked at the Number 1 position on Netflix Nigeria and South Africa. It also sits pretty in the 5th position on Netflix Jamaica.

"Slay" Which Exposures Sugar Daddy Syndrome Hits NO 1 on Netflix Nigeria

The over 90-minute movie, which features Nigerian superstar actor Ramsey Nouah, centres on people living fake lives. It also spotlights the lives of young attractive ladies, who prey on older, promiscuous men aka Sugar Daddies.

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“Slay’” is directed by Adze Ugah, seasoned Nollywood director, and features a star-studded cast of African movie stars include South Africa’s Amanda Dupont, Leroy Gopal, and Kabomo Vilakazi, and Idris Sultan, Tanzanian actor; Joe Kazadi, Congolese actor; amongst others.


The film had the cliche feeling and the story wasn’t deep as this will not be the first time a film will be centred on people living fake lives. The plot also dragged for a long time with a very predictable ending.


However, this film came with good comic relief and the casting was on point. The cinematography and was also top-notch. Tell us in the comments what you think of this film after you’ve seen it on Netflix.


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