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Slack’s Mobile App Users Get Updated Features This Week

Slack is rolling out an update that brings improved features to its mobile application. These new features are tailored to meet the requirements of smartphone users.


Recently, there were reports that the collaborative software crashed for some time. It did not take long for the developers to fix it and get it back up. Likely, the crash had been a result of some technical maintenance and updates, although the company did not confirm this.


Not long after, Slack web users started to see new features on the software. Now, the company has confirmed that it will roll out features for mobile users that have their needs sorted.


According to Slack’s blog post, both Android and iOS users will be getting the updates this week. It would remove unnecessary clutters and improve usage, among other changes.


It will come with a new tab containing options like Home, DMs, Mentions and You.

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This will make it easier for Slack mobile app users to navigate the app and improve proficiency as well. Commenting on why the redesign was important, Slack wrote:


“Before the redesign, we had inconsistent entry points and complex menus. Certain features were buried away and underutilized, making Slack harder to learn and use than it should be. The update improved these issues and introduced powerful features to organize your sidebar and work with apps using shortcuts.”


There is no shortcut required to get the new updates. All users have to do is wait for it to be released for them and then likely, you will get a notification to update the app if you give it such permission. You can manually do this by going to Google Play Store and updating it from there.


These new features will speed up the use of the app as it will reduce the need for the side menu bar as most of the options would be just a click away.


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