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Slack Users Can Now Schedule When To Get Notifications With This New Feature

Slack will now allow its users to control the hours in which they prefer to get notifications. Users can now schedule different notification settings for different days, meaning users can avoid weekend notifications if they choose.


The company in a tweet said that the new feature is designed to keep to a schedule that doesn’t conform with traditional work hours. “You may now customize your notifications on a per-day basis. If your schedule doesn’t conform to traditional work hours, this one’s for you,” Slack tweeted.



Slack had previously just let users choose to get notifications only when they are “available”. Unlike the new feature, there was no way to turn off during weekends or on particular days. The new update also means that Slack users can choose not to receive any notification during holidays.

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To customise your notifications on Slack for desktop:

– Click on the arrow near your Slack workspace name and hover over Pause notifications.

– From the pop-up, click on Set a notification schedule.

– A dropdown menu will appear that will allow you to select if you prefer to allow notifications every day or only on weekdays.

– There, you can also customise the exact time frame you want the notifications to come in.


To customise notifications on Slack for mobile:

– Tap on the You icon in the toolbar at the bottom of your screen and go to Notifications

– In the Notifications menu, go to Notifications Schedule

– Tap on Allow notifications and you can customise the rest mode.


Once you’ve set the notification schedule, Slack will synchronise the settings across all your devices.


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