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Sky Wars: Anti-Drone Technology Systems With Laser Technology Emerge

Anti-drone technology systems are drones that can be armed with laser weapons, destroying UAVs. UAVs are unmanned aerial vehicles that move in unrestricted areas, unauthorized movements.


Anti-Drone Technology system
Anti-Drone Technology system


The Indian Air Force (IAF) for example is getting 10 anti-drone technology systems that can be equipped with laser technology to destroy drones after the recent attack on its Jammu Air Force station.

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UAVs dropped bombs on the Jammu Air Force station on June 27, and a day after the tragic incident the Indian Air Force made requests to Indian companies for Made in India counter-drone system named Counter Unarmed Aircraft System (CUAS).


Drone Technology with laser
Drone Technology with laser


The request for information, (RFI) showed that the Indian Air Force (IAF) across different air bases in the country would have these Anti-drone technology systems.


This request for information mentioned that the anti-drone technology systems have to be equipped with Global Navigation Satellite Jammer System (GNSS) as well as Radio Frequency jammers as a soft kill option.

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Exploring Drone Technology

Laser-based Directed Energy Weapon (Laser-DEW) would suffice as a hard kill option to destroy these UAV drones according to a report from Indiatoday.


The requirements for the RFI mentioned, “It should provide a multi-sensor, multi-kill solution to enforce effective no fly zones for unmanned aircraft; while inflicting minimal collateral damage to the surrounding environment.”


Israeli's drone technology
Israeli’s drone technology


These Anti-drone technology systems are similar to Israel’s drone system that can detect targets; within a distance of 3.5km as well as shoot them down with a powered laser beam.


Israel’s drone systems have a 390-degree radar system for on-spot detection; as well as for visuals an inbuilt camera. Alongside these features, its jammers with their lasers would bring down the UAVs.


G. Satheesh Reddy
G. Satheesh Reddy


DRDO Chairman G Satheesh Reddy voiced that India’s Anti-drone systems have been developed as well as tested. A lot of input is currently received by the Armed forces on modifications of the current units.



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