You are currently viewing Skit Maker Lasisi Elenu Releases His Pre-Wedding Photos

Skit Maker Lasisi Elenu Releases His Pre-Wedding Photos

Popular Nigerian comedian and skit maker Nosa Afolabi aka Lasisi Elenu is set to walk down the aisle with his girlfriend Nonso Adika.

Skit Maker Lasisi Elenu Releases His Pre-Wedding Photos
Lasisi Elenu and Nonso Adika

The comedian took to his Instagram page on Friday, July 22, 2022, where he shared his pre-wedding photos.

In his lengthy caption , Elenu stated that his proposal started off as a joke, however, he has found the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

“I had a very big laugh before writing this, Why because, I knew this day would come. A day where I’m faced with writing a beautiful and serious message about someone very special to me, A woman who I fell in love with and became my spark in the purest of ways words can’t describe,” he wrote.

“Someone who I’m excited to share with you all even though na still “On Code” and it hit me, hope these my fans wey Dey MENT will not start saying, “Sinzu Money Shey you wan dey whyne us ni” and think this is one funny skit 🤦🏽‍♂️ But guess what, I no Dey whyne una papa oooo Lasisi don go love up o. I have never been more serious.”


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“So let me start by saying, Ndi Igbo Kwenu, kwenu, Kwezo Nu!!!!! My brothers and sisters, my spirit is lifted up with joy in my heart as I share this part of Me with You all. Being a creative, I’m constantly in deep thoughts. Weird mood swings, and while at it, I found a partner that compliments me in numerous and dynamic ways. We grew in love and affection beyond explainable terms.

I’m not a romantic, so I won’t come here and lie and tell you that the first time I saw her, my eyes flew out of my socket, “Well, it did not” 🤦🏽‍♂️ or that when she smiles butterflies fill my stomach, “duuuur, butterfly still Dey this Naija

But what I do know is this, She my ride or die, and she got my back as I her. So a while ago on one faithful day, after all my strong mouth and bragging based on say I be “Golden Boy Sinzu Money” I went down on one Knee 🤦🏽‍♂️😏 and I asked this beautiful, precious and extraordinary woman to be my wife and spend the rest of our Telemundo days together while sipping mojitos and chewing on some Chinese beef and she said YES!! I love you and I’m enthusiastic about having you as my wife. Comrades Sinzu money don MOVE!! Golden Boy don Dey on a SOFT 💯”

Nonso Adika is an actress and movie producer. Lasisi Elenu is one of Nigeria’s most prolific online comedians with a large following across several social media platforms.

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