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Six Ways Technology Is Harming Your Health

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“Health is wealth” is a popular saying. Good health is necessary for a good life. Knowing the things that can be detrimental to our health is always a step in the right direction. These are six ways technology might be harming your health:

1. Multitasking is bad for you

Multitasking is one of the things we boast of, especially at job interviews. It, however, isn’t very good for you. We feel like superhumans being able to do two or more things simultaneously, but it ultimately stunts our productivity. We end up jacking all trades and not mastering any. One or more of the tasks will suffer. It reduces your attention span and your ability to focus. We have a million tabs open on our browsers, taking in millions of information at once. Trying to reply emails while preparing for a presentation will slow us down mentally over time.

2. Substituting Tech for Relationships

Human interaction is essential for a well-rounded social and mental health. However, social media is replacing interpersonal relationships and stunting communication. People are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain eye contact. Free access to p*********y has led some to form unhealthy expectations of s*x.

3. Neck and Shoulder Strain

Constantly sitting in front of a computer is potentially dangerous to your posture in the long run. People who use devices with larger screens tend to bend their heads farther forward. Also, people who are constantly texting are most likely to report shoulder and neck pain. Like spending too much time at a poorly setup desk, excessive texting could lead to bad posture.

4. Sedentary lifestyle

Sitting around all day makes a person more likely to be overweight. It is also linked to increased risk of coronary heart disease, blood clot, certain cancers, and feelings of anxiety and depression.

5. Digital Insomnia

The human body processes light from televisions, phones, and computers the same way it does daylight. Our bodies need the darkness of night time to sleep. So, if you’re staring at your smartphone minutes before you go to sleep, chances are that your body is not as prepared for rest as it should be. Experts suggest that people avoid phone and computer use an hour before bed and to keep their phones off or away from your bed altogether.

6. Phone Separation Anxiety

Have you ever randomly heard your phone ring in your head or a message notification that isn’t there? Yes? These are the symptoms of phone separation anxiety. That constant feeling that something is missing because you don’t have your phone is a problem. Also, hearing your phone ring and having to rush to reach for it is also giving you some form of anxiety.

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