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Six Top Free-To-Play Action Games Of 2019 So Far

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Games are fun; they are even better when they are free. The great news is that there are some very awesome games that you can play for free on your PC and mobile devices. These free-to-play action games are also of high quality. Here is a compilation of some of the best ones of this year so far.


1. Darwin project


This is a survival game. Players will need to keep warm by crafting, scavenging for resources and setting fires. The plan is to outlive your other ten competitors. You will need to set traps and track them down to do so. The eleventh player, who is the director, gets to see all that is happening. They also choose when and where to send supplies and shut down zones across the map.


2. Warframe


This game is a combination of futuristic sci-fi and martial arts-inspired combat. It is one of the most impressive action games available on PC and consoles. Launched in 2013, it has since grown to over 26 million plays so far. Gamers advise that this should be the first game to try on a new console. It also includes a large variety of options that lets players modify weapons.


3. War Thunder


This one was set during World War II. It is a combat-oriented flight simulator game that involves players controlling aircraft. It combines arms battles on air, land and sea, with an emphasis on World War II. Once you master your skills, you can compete in epic fights and missions. Apart from planes, the games also have tanks and anti-aircraft vehicles. You can unlock new content upon winning different levels on the free-to-play mode.


4. World of Tanks


This game focuses on air battles and fierce naval. It features armoured destroyer tanks from everywhere in the world like England, America, China, France, Germany and the Soviet Union. Teams are constantly trying to gain an edge over each other by firing long-range shots, protecting allies and flanking enemies. The tanks also have armoured plates that protect against fire.


5. PUBG Mobile


The Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) games are not free-to-play on the Xbox One and PC versions. However, the mobile version is a free alternative. The oldest phone it supports is the iPhone 6S, so it’s only great on newer generation devices. It lets you automatically pick graphical settings that you can change anytime.


6. Let It Die


This is a very hardcore game with gruesome hack-and-slash battles. It features Uncle Death, a grim reaper that skateboards and compels you to find out what’s at the top. Following this is an addicting and challenging fight through floors packed with enemies. When you die in the game, you join a group of enemies that other players will need to conquer. It is available on PS4.

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