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Six Tips That Will Make You A Pro At Flirting

Ever tried flirting and said all the wrong things, ended up not communicating anything or even worse communicating too much? Yeah, this is because flirting is an art that should be cultivated and mastered.

They’re very few things that are sexier in males and females than confidence

It might look easy but flirting doesn’t really come easy to most people. Flirting with someone you actually like and want to be with is especially more difficult because you tend to overthink as your emotions are involved.

But don’t worry, if you struggle with flirting we have got the best tips to help you master the art like a pro.


They’re very few things that are sexier in males and females than confidence. Carrying yourself and speaking with confidence regardless of the insecurities you may have is one sure-fire way to signal the attention of your crush (and other people within your radar). However, do not confuse confidence with being cocky because the latter can be a major turn off.

Compliment them

Shower your crush with compliments, but not the usual “you look good today” or “I like your outfit” types. While these are good compliments, they can be generic and go over their heads.

Therefore, be more intentional with your compliments. For instance, you can compliment the way their lips curve they smile, their fingers or how the way they smell lift your spirits.

This way, your crush ( or the person you’re flirting with) knows you are paying special attention to them.

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Subtle touching

Several studies on psychology have shown that the brain can decode intent from just a touch.  From anger to disgust to fear to romantic interest, the brain is 48-50 per cent right in decoding these feelings through touch.

For this, you want to stick to touching non-invasive parts of the body, like the head, hands and shoulders. Also, you’ll need to study their body language to learn if they’re open to physical touch from you.

Maintain eye contact

Remember that saying “the eyes are the window of the soul”? Boy how true it is! There’s something incredibly se*xy about maintaining strong eye contact, especially with your person of interest. Not only does it say “you’ve my full attention”, but it can also help you communicate feelings of affection without saying a word.

To get the attention of your crush, glance at them at least three times and add a smile to the mix when they catch your eye for extra spice.

Lean in

Leaning in when you’re close to someone is a non-verbal way to communicate interest. This is especially useful when in a group and you want to signal special interest in one person. This way, the person is subconsciously drawn to you as well.

Bring your humour A game

A large part of flirting is reliant on the strength of conversations. So, no better time to crank up your humour, if you have any. If you don’t have, just stick to good-natured teasing; they’ll get the idea.

The ultimate key to flirting like a pro is to relax and be comfortable with/around the person of your interest. Otherwise, your nervousness will show and ruin all the good work.


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