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Six Tips On How To Survive A Long-distanced Relationship

There’s a general belief that long distanced relationships are doomed to fail. Most people will advise you not to venture as it will end in premium tears. Frankly, they’re not wrong; long-distanced relationship is exceptionally hard and filled with many challenges.long-distanced relationships

There’s loneliness, trust issues, time scheduling problems, miscommunication; the list is almost endless and no doubt, daunting.


However, it can make you appreciate the little things in your relationship such as a kiss, spending the night together, holding hands, sharing a meal. The long-distance makes every time you spend together even more memorable than it normally would.


Also, it’s very doable if you and your partner are committed to making it work. If you’re already in a long-distance relationship or considering venturing, here are tips that can help you survive the hard days that will come.

See it as a test

Seeing a long-distanced relationship as a learning curve for you and your partner is a positive approach. Take it as an incredible journey to knowing your partner in-depth while you both stay committed to keeping it together. Not only will it make you both stronger, you’ll be well seasoned to weather any storm together.

Be on the same page

Before setting out on a distanced relationship, you really need to have “the talk” with your partner. What are your expectations? What do you envisage for the relationship? Leaving things open-ended and assuming you’re both on the same page will leave loopholes for one person to get very hurt.
Your commitment levels should be at par to avoid unexpected and unpleasant surprises.

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Communicate always

The fuel for a long-distanced relationship is ample communication. Now, this doesn’t mean an overload of communication that can wear you both out. Perfectly timed messages, sprinkled with words of affirmation are quite important. For instance, it’s important to say good morning and goodnight to your partner, always.
You can also share photos, videos, audio clips, and personal tidbits that would keep the spark going.

Avoid dangerous situations

This is very important to the survival of your relationship. Be an accountable partner. If you’d be out late with friends having drinks or clubbing, your partner should be aware and also approve. This would make them worry less. Also, avoid being in situations you know would compromise your relationship. We can recognise these situations when they arise and while it might be tempting, remember you’re building something even more worthwhile.

Keep the dirty talk going

There’s a thing about creating s*xual tension with your partner; it makes you want them, and want them only. Fan the embers of s*xual tension between yourselves with naughty texts, risqué photos (if you wish so), lurid puns and innuendos.

Do things together

This may seem strange but technology is literally there for you. Make meals, take walks, or go shopping together while on video calls. This will bridge the distance, giving you a sense of closeness till you can hold each other in your arms again.



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