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Six Things You Should Know About Your Voice-Activated Devices

Siri and Alexa are two of the more popular voice-activated technologies at the moment. They are very handy for making tasks easier. They are pretty much our personal virtual assistants. It also helps that you can get John Legend to tell you how awesome you are. Some just call up Siri when bored to hear her answer abstract questions. In the absence of actual friends, virtual ones, though automated, can be cool too.


However, there are some aspects of voice-activated technology that an average user like you may not be aware of. Take a look at some of them.


1. Language barrier

In this part of the world where we have all sort of accents, communication can be a problem for voice assistants. The technology was made to recognise words pronounced in a certain way. If the accent is not British or American, the machine will struggle to identify the words spoken. You might have your device thinking you said “pension” when you actually said “pencil”.


2. Virtual travel assistants

The use of natural language processing and Artificial Intelligence has made it easier for virtual assistants to make travel arrangements and conduct searches. They now act as the middleman between airlines, travellers and hotel and car companies. They also infuse very personalised content and on-demand services.


3. Always listening

These devices are always listening. We advise users to be cautious about the devices they use and allow into their homes. Some other electronics have microphones that we might not be aware of. Most times, we don’t want them listening in on some of our conversations. Some other of these devices even listen without being on.



4. They do more

Most people are unaware that their virtual assistants do way more than they use them for. They sometimes control other devices in the house. They can do more than just help make phone calls or turn off the switches.


5. Get familiar

Voice-assistant technology is gradually becoming more popular. It will soon become the future of interaction and it will probably form the basis for other upcoming technology innovations. There will be more voice-activated devices like smartwatches and even cars soon. It is, therefore, important to get familiar with the technology.


6. Silence makes it better

It is harder for them to detect what you are saying when the place is noisy. Their capabilities are inhibited when other people are talking, or other sounds are interfering. To get the best results, make sure the room is quiet.

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