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Six Tech Tips To Keep In Mind Whenever You Travel To A New Place

Traveling is a generally appealing prospect and with these tech travel tips, you will enjoy your next experience even more. While preparing to embark on a journey, it is very easy to forget important things like personal items and also important steps.


So, if you have a trip planned on your calendar, start preparing before that day. During your preparation, keep these tech tips in your mind. You know of Google Maps already, check out these other travel tips.

1. How you plan to move around

Unless the whole trip is sponsored, (and even when it is) you need to ensure that there is a means in place for your movement. It is very easy to forget this, so before the scheduled date, ensure you find out the most active car-hailing service in the area. You can check for trusted online reviews and contact their customer care as well.


Also, because not all plans are foolproof, have the app installed already even if you are promised a means of movement at the location.

2. Roam your SIM

It is important to roam your SIM especially if you are traveling for a short period. This is instead of buying a new one that you will use only for a short time. If you roam your SIM, people can still reach you with your number even when the network is not available there.


SIM roaming works by allowing it connect to any network it can detect in the area. This costs extras and may not work everywhere depending on where you are visiting. Contact your network provider beforehand for more detailed information on this tech travel tip.


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3. Make sure Hotel security cameras work well

If you are to stay at a hotel, ensure that they have functional security cameras. It gives you a better sense of safety to know this. Also, it implies that the hotel takes security seriously.

4. Scan for hidden camera

While the presence of a camera in a hotel is important, hidden cameras can compromise your privacy and security. Check for them by switching off all lights and looking through the camera of your smartphone. If you see an unexpected light (most likely from an infrared source), you should report to the hotel authorities.

5. Be careful about using public networks

Another important tech travel tip is concerning online privacy. You may find open public networks while at your travel destination, but be careful what you do on it. Most times, providers can see all the activities users engage in while using their networks. Thus, if you carry out financial transactions over the wire, it can lead to leaking sensitive details.


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6. Don’t disclose where you are going to online

Of course in the age of social media, it is trendy to show off. However, you put yourself at risk when you disclose where you are going to. This may give criminals the needed information and time to plan how to attack you.


Next time you are to travel, ensure to put these tech tips at the back of your mind.


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