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Six Powerful Life Lessons To Learn From Eagles

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Every once in a while, you are reminded by someone to soar as eagles do. It’s not a matter of this being a cliche but more about the context. Being likened to an eagle can be said to be a major compliment. Ignore the bald head and the feathers and the fact that they are actually ‘birds’, there are many lessons to learn from eagles.


These birds possess a lot of characteristics that humans should learn from. It’s not a coincidence that many nations use the eagle as a national symbol. In counting, there are 27 nations, one symbol of which is Nigeria’s coat of arms.


Eagles symbolise strength, bravery, courage, power and superiority. It’s not surprising that it’s also one of the largest birds in the world. However, this is just vague as there are much more insights into an eagle that anyone can and should learn from.


Here, we will highlight the life lessons for you to learn from this species, the eagles.


Six powerful life lessons to learn from eagles



1. Move with your kind or not at all

The saying, “birds of a feather flock together” does not only apply to eagles. It’s more like they were absent when their creator was giving this instruction. Eagles may fly with their own kind, but they would never flock together.


Lesson Learned

You should associate yourself with like-minded people who can help you grow. Truth is, not everyone thinks the way you do or will believe in your dreams. You shouldn’t waste your time with them. Instead, move on to better things ahead.




2. Have a strong vision

Eagles can focus on objects up to 5 kilometres below; that’s how great their vision is. So, when they see prey, they waste no time in targeting it and making plans, and then grab it. Irrespective of whatever obstacle comes their way, they have their eyes on the target and they go for it. They are so focused and concentrated on getting their prey. The intensity of that focus is insane as they always set out to achieve what they target.


Lesson Learned

This one is easy as it keeps you one step ahead always. You just need to stay focused on that big plan of yours. Concentrate on it as well, and ensure you get clarity too. You are more than capable of giving your attention to something and keeping it there. There’s no room for ambiguity here as this would only drag you on for a long time. Therefore, you need to be sure of your goal, focus on it, and then achieve it irrespective of the obstacles.



3. Ride through the storm

When there’s a storm and other birds hide, that’s play time for the eagle. The eagle thrives during the storm as this gets them excited. This is because they love the challenge the storm brings with the wind and rain. They can rest their wings and soar because they know the storm will lift them high above the cloud. Eventually, they would come through the storm stronger than they were before.


Lesson Learned

In life, there is bound to be storms from all corners. Even if you hide away, it would await you until you come out. Just like the eagle, be bold and courageous to face the storm. It won’t kill you but make you much stronger than ever. Also, just like the eagle, you should get excited about the storm in your life. There’s always an opportunity lurking behind every challenge; just be bold enough to go through it.




4. Don’t trust easily

Trust, they say, is earned. For eagles, they don’t judge with their trust test. When a female eagle wants to mate, she does a test. She flies down to earth and picks a twig, then she flies back into the air as high as she can go. The male eagle follows her, then she lets the twig fall, and the male eagle chases the twig. He has to catch it before it reaches the ground and then bring it back to the female eagle.


Lesson Learned 

Just as the female eagle tests the male eagle to prove his level of commitment, also test the commitment of people you let into your life. This is most important where your choice of a partner is concerned. Establishing trust in any relationship is very important.



5. Be fearless

If there’s one thing we know about eagles, it’s their fearlessness. They are relentlessly focused on achieving their goal, and it doesn’t matter whether their prey is 10 times their size. Eagles would never give up.


Lesson Learned

Never give up on yourself. Life may seem to throw lemons your way like some lemon magnet, but you can take them all in and have yourself a large glass of lemonade — start up a lemonade business if need be. Fact is, it doesn’t matter what happens to you, don’t crawl up and hide away. Face that problem and fight it heads on. Beyond the fear boundary is victory; you just need to be bold enough to climb over it.




6. Recuperate

So, we’ve established how strong and mighty the eagle is, but the eagle also gets weak. When an eagle reaches the age of 30 years, their body begins to deteriorate, making survival very difficult. To regain strength, the eagle goes up to a mountaintop or a cliff for about four to five months. During that time, it plucks off all its feathers and hits its beak hard against a rock until it knocks it off. Then the physical body goes through a metamorphosis, and new stages of the body come forth. The eagle can then go through another thirty to forty years.


Lesson Learned

We are all human and have days when our health can’t take it anymore. Physically and mentally, you seem to be overly strained. You need to take time out of your schedule to relax and recuperate. To achieve this, take a retreat to a place without disturbance.

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