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Six Office Makeup Looks That Would Never Work

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Office makeup is an actual thing in case you have raised brows right now. Clear the doubts by sliding through these formal makeup inspirations.


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Ladies that know how to throw on the right office outfits are more likely to know the right makeup to wear as well. However, not everyone is that lucky when it comes to the application of beauty products. For some, it may take the intervention of an expert to know what foundation suits you. Or maybe you would like to know the difference between a brow pencil and a lip liner — no judging.


Sometimes, you may want to be bold and care less about what others think. Makeup is art anyway, so why not tell a story with how you apply blush on your cheeks or paint your lips? But there’s a limit at the workplace and that’s where we come in. We would love to ensure you look glam without you looking like a clown.


Why you should limit your makeup at the office



For weddings or any other glamorous event, you can take a spin on the colour wheels. Creativity is limitless there. Even daily casual makeup can be done in an unorthodox manner. However, for the office, you would want to cancel any form of distraction. Even if your job required you to sit on a desk all day without interruption, you may want to ensure your face isn’t too cramped with foundation to clog your pores. Clogged pores can be unhealthy for your face and, in the long run, your work can suffer as a result of this.


Generally, your focus and that of others can be deterred. It is vital you avoid distractions, discomfort and poor office etiquette by sticking to a neutral look. There’s nothing like overdone blush to cause people to look at your cheeks rather than listen to the words you say. You may look chic, but that shouldn’t drive your role in the office. There are more tasks that need to be done than lashes that need to be worn.


If productivity, class and professionalism at the workplace, rather than profanity, is your goal, then check out these office makeup no-nos.


(Note: You want to stand out for your merits at the office, not because of your makeup. Although, we understand that you can stand out for both.)


Six office makeup looks that would never work


1. Cakey foundation

There is a right way to apply foundation to avoid cakey makeup. From the first application of the right foundation, you may look okay. But as the day goes by, your foundation may appear cakey. This is an office no-no, especially for ladies who are constantly in people’s faces during meetings or briefings. If you have to meet with clients as well you don’t want to distract them with your face in a bad way.


The reason cakey foundation could occur may be because of dead skin cells. This could result in a rough skin surface that would make it difficult for your foundation to glide on smoothly. Your skin may also be dry or dehydrated, or you may even be using the wrong makeup foundation. Another guilty factor could be because you apply too much foundation.


2. Glitters and Shimmers

Source: Yandex

Owambe yes, work no. If you would like to go to a wedding, a night out or even play a princess in your bedroom, then you have a green card. But doing this to the office is a big faux-pas. It would be a great distraction for you and would tell a lot on your professionalism. Using glitters and shimmers would be perfect for distracting everyone, including yourself. Instead, work towards achieving a matte makeup look.


3. Bold eye shadow

It’s one thing to use a matte eye shadow, and it’s another to use one that’s bold. Don’t let your love for colours cloud your mind. They are too attention-grabbing even if you match your outfit and make you look like you belong in the cover of a magazine. The office is a different ball game and you need the right ball to play it. When you feel tempted to go for the bold colours, try instead to go for natural and subtle hues that suit or blend with your skin. Remember to use an eye primer so it lasts all day.


4. Bold or wet glossy lips

Source: Yandex


They are good but not for work. This is similar to the glitter and shimmer look; you don’t want too much attention on your lips. The best lipstick you should use is a matte one that blends well. To make it even better, use a lip liner that would help enhance the appearance of your lips. Now that’s good attention!


5. False eyelashes

False or faux eyelashes add a bit of drama to your makeup. That’s not so bad since they are fun and easy to apply, right? However, they might be too dramatic for the office. Rather than use them, you can use a good mascara to enhance your lashes. If you MUST use them, then apply one that’s almost the same length as your natural lashes for a less dramatic effect.

6. Too much blush



Some would rather contour without applying blush, and that’s subjective. Still, when you contour and highlight, you should ensure it’s subtly done. When applying blush, take note of the ‘subtle’ factor too. It does give your face a soft and natural glow but, when you apply too much, the result isn’t anything close to soft and natural. This is one mistake you don’t want to make at the office. You can either forgo the blush altogether or ensure you blend it properly after applying. Blend upwards and outwards with your brush from the apples of your cheeks, until you can’t see any lines. Use a shade that isn’t too sharp either, so a natural one is best here too.


Then again, you can just as well go with your natural, well-groomed face to work. But if you want to slay throughout the day, then you can simply strike all the makeup no-nos and more off your list for the right office makeup look.

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