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Do You Know The Six Most Difficult Clients From Hell? (2-Minute Read)

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In whatever business you’re doing, you are bound to encounter different kinds of clients. On the first encounter, they may appear normal. However, once you’ve signed that deal, you find yourself at their mercy. Certainly, you can still show them who’s the boss, but you need to first know who you’re dealing with. To ensure you don’t end up begging difficult clients who would rather have your head for dinner, you should cut to the chase.


First, know them, then you can approach them wisely with the best solutions. Some clients could run around with their hair on fire, ready to tear down the building. Others could be suspiciously quiet and end the contract out of the blues. The silent ones are deadly. While these may tell on you, your staff could also be affected and could as well quit the company in the process.


Things may not be as drastic as this, but these clients do exist. Here are the clients from somewhere close to hell.


Six most difficult clients from hell



These are six of the most difficult clients from hell, and one might just be on your list.

1. The Disciple
He can’t make a single decision without consulting with someone back in his office.


2. I Too Know (ITK)
This client likes to believe he knows your business better than you do. He’ll also tell you everything you’re doing wrong, at the top of his lungs. Soon, you’d wonder why you were even hired in the first place.


3. It’s simple
This client likes to think the job is easy, but you just aren’t seeing it. Declaring that everything is simple and easy makes the bulk of their feedback. They tell you there won’t be a problem in delivering, and yet they ask for a million customised details and complex systems.


4. Emergency Edith
Edith is that client who declares everything an emergency. They make it seem like the job has to be done yesterday or never and breathe down your neck until you accomplish it. They also give unreasonable deadlines and don’t even care to consider that you have other clients.


5. Bitching-about-the-bill Bill
Bill is that client who scrutinises everything. You can’t spend a dime without it going through them first. They also try to get as much free work off you as possible.


6. Terrible Terry
Terry is so annoying. He screams down the phone at your staff members and berates you in public over seemingly minor issues about your work. You sleep with one eye open with this particular client from hell.

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