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Six Hair Hacks To Save Time After A Workout

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Going to the gym can be very amazing for your body, but will it be great for your hair? Not really. Even though getting sweaty can be bad for your hair, there are some great hair hacks you can use to take care of your hair after a workout without stress.


Here are some hair hacks to help you take care of your hair after workout:


1. Never brush or comb your hair when it is wet

After swimming or bathing, most people, due to work rush or another reason, tie their hair tightly into a ponytail or brush it when it wet. This is definitely a no-no. It causes more split ends than one can imagine. So it’s advisable to rub a little amount of coconut oil on your hair and brush your hair gently. This will help you to avoid split ends.


2. Wet your hair before diving into the pool

Before diving into the pool, always wet your hair with clean water. Wet hair absorbs less of the chlorinated water from the pool. This prevents chlorine build-up and dehydration of the hair that results in thinning of hair.



3. Apply conditioner before wearing a swimming cap

Apply a deep conditioning hair mask before putting your swimming cap on. The heat within the cap will help your hair to absorb the product and will help you to retain some moisture. Moisture is key when it comes to protecting your hair from after workout mess. Dry hair can be a huge disaster.


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4. The trick to maintaining curly hair after working out

If you recently washed your hair and have a gym appointment, spray your hair with a dry shampoo beforehand and tie it up in a bun. Once you are done with the workout, shower and dry your hair with a hairdryer to get rid of the moisture.


Release your bun and get amazing wavy hair. You can also apply dry shampoo. It will make your hair look more healthy. In addition, always tie your hair at the gym before you start your workout. Try to use an invisible hairband — preferably not a rubber band — which is gentle on your hair and will not cause breakage.


5. Put your hair in a pun

The pun is a mixed version of both the bun and the ponytail. Tie up your hair into a high ponytail. Divide them into two sections. Knot the two at the beginning just as you would tie a shoelace, wrap it across its own place like a bun and pin it up to secure.



6. Apply hair mask

Always apply a hair mask before you go for any intense workout. This way, you are entirely sure you will wash your hair after the workout. The heat produced during your workout sessions will surely help the mask to penetrate through your hair into your scalp, and at the same time you get the benefits of hair spa.


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