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Six Different Kinds Of April Fools. Which One Are You?

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Falling prey to April Fool’s Day pranks is very much likely to happen. However, how you react determines what category of fools you fall into. This is the only time in the year you are actually permitted to be silly. Although, you need to be forewarned because not all preys are likely to smile at you.


Therefore, whether you’re the recipient of practical jokes or responsible for playing them on others, you need to know where you stand. It’s either you get a punch form an angry fool, or a good old jolly laugh from a happy fool.


What kind of fool are you?


Different kinds of April Fools

1. The happy fool

Everyone loves a happy fool. This way, you too can get in on the fun of the prank you just pulled. This person understands that it’s all fun and games. You can as well play a prank on them on any day of the year. They are full of life and will enjoy a good laugh – even at their expense.

If you want to be a happy fool, you need to be selfless. Do whatever it takes to make onlookers get entertained even if the joke isn’t even that funny. Everyone loves a happy fool.


2. The ignorant fool

This kind doesn’t know what’s going on. You can play a prank on them all day and they wouldn’t have a clue. In addition, they go about their daily lives even if they have a paper fish stamped on their backs.

You can play the ignorant fool by pretending you don’t know what’s happening. That’s indirectly your way of pranking the prankster. Talk about evil genius.


3. The clever fool

This category of April fools are the chief pranksters. They are responsible for the culture of playing silly games and practical jokes on others. Also, they know they are being fooled and are very hard to trick. So, don’t bother trying to prank them because they would spin the wheel on you.


4. The angry fool

Don’t cross their paths. People in this category can’t find the fun in funny. They don’t see what you’ve done as a prank, but get upset and accuse you of playing a prank on them. In addition, they are sore losers who make the whole moment tiresome.

Don’t be an angry fool. No one loves this type of fools.


5. The proud fool

They don’t own up to the fact that they’ve been played. Some pretend they didn’t even find the prank funny. Annoying right? Don’t be a proud fool. (Go happy fool! Go!)


6. The sorry fool

This type has esteem issues, and when you prank them they feel genuinely foolish. They get sad and depressed over what has been done to them, even if you just pinned a joke on their back. You need to be careful with this type because things could get worse from an innocent, silly joke.




Whatever kind of fool you come across or end up being, you should try not to let it get to you. It’s April Fool’s Day, so you should chill. Try to stick with being the happy-go-lucky fool.


Also, if you’re offended by the word ‘fool’, then you need some schooling on some April Fool’s Day pranking. Be playful and be silly. Even after April 1st, find your own day to be carefree.


Happy April!!!



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