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  /  News   /  Six Dead As Earthquake Strikes Central Croatia

Six Dead As Earthquake Strikes Central Croatia

Six people have been left dead after a strong Earthquake struck Central Croatia. A few towns in  Croatia were in shambles. The ground-breaking 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck on Tuesday.

Residents of Petrinja removing debris from a street.

Residents of Petrinja removing debris from a street in Croatia

The Earthquake hit the capital, Zagreb in the afternoon, local time. The Balkans and people in faraway Hungary felt the impact. It followed a smaller earthquake a day earlier and another in March, rattling residents in the earthquake-prone region.


The focal point of the earthquake was close to the towns of Petrinja and Sisak, which is home to the district’s biggest Hospital. The hospital currently holds individuals injured in the earthquake. The Croatian authority said it would evacuate the patients there. It will also involve moving 40 Covid patients to different offices.

The destruction brought about by the quake was far-reaching across the city.

“Half the city’s capitol building collapsed — the city is in a very bad state,” the mayor of Sisak, Kristina Ikic Banicek, told state television. “We’re helping people as much as we can. One person was reported to have been killed in the city.”

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In Petrinja, a town of around 25,000 individuals that bears the scars from a significant fight during the wars that followed the separation of Yugoslavia, the civic chairman said he strolled by the body of a 12-year-old young lady in the city.

“This is a catastrophe,” said the mayor, Darinko Dumbovic. “My city is completely destroyed,” he said in an emotional telephone interview from the scene broadcasted on Croatian state television.

“We need firefighters, we don’t know what’s under the surfaces, a roof fell on a car, we need help.” He added: “Mothers are crying for their children.”

In the close-by town of Glina, neighbourhood authorities pulled four dead individuals from the rubble.

Pictures from Petrinja via web-based media and nearby TV channels indicated structures with rooftops collapsed and responders racing to look for individuals who may have been trapped.


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