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Six Children Games Adults Should Indulge In On Children’s Day

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It is Children’s Day today, 27th May 2019. It is a perfect time to act out our childhood fantasies and remember that we are all still children after all. No matter how old you are, you are somebody’s child. Just in case you are over a hundred years old and there’s no one older than you, you are still a ‘Child of God.’


Now that we have established that we are all children, let us look at some games meant for kids that we can indulge in today. It’s something that can help us celebrate today and feel like children again. Just go to your App or Play Store, download and indulge. You deserve it.


Six games to play on Children’s Day

1. LEGO Juniors Quest


This game is available for free download. It is one of the highly recommended mobile games that does not require any in-app purchases. It is an immersive game that lets children express their creativity to the max. The game also lets you keep all your child’s LEGOs in a digital format. You can add your own LEGO today. Remember, its Children’s Day. The game is also very intuitive and has a storyline too.


2. Minecraft Pocket


This game isn’t exclusively for kids, which makes it a perfect fit for all. It gives you the liberty to create a world of your own. You can also involve a friend so that you can both channel your inner child together. You both can get imaginative and create a virtual world together. Also, you can choose the builder in creative mode or an adventurer in survival mode. It is an amazing game for self-expression and a good way to relax from the stress of adulthood.


3. PBS Kids Games


This app has a variety of games to choose from. You cannot be bored with so much to pick from. You will definitely find the one that suits you best. At least, you will find one of the games interesting. It also has lots of basic lessons you can learn from. If you love some of the PBS Kids television programs, then you are in luck because some of them are integrated. A favourite would be Elmo from Sesame Street.


4. Pokémon Playhouse and Camp Pokémon


These two Pokémon games are specially dedicated to kids, but you are a kid today so enjoy it. Pokémon Playhouse is like playing Mickey Mouse’s Playhouse. It is made for children under six. So if you think it’s too juvenile for you, Camp Pokémon is also an option for children older than six – which you are. The games have interactive options that teach kids various skills that you can also learn.


5. Justice League Action Run


This is a superhero version of a game we all loved at some point, Temple Run. It also requires very little reading and sound. It is also self-explanatory and can be played mindlessly without having to overtly stress your brain. The game is a great way to escape into a childhood filled with our favourite superheroes. Or maybe it’s time to find new favourites.


6. Super Why!


This games takes your favourite characters from popular TV shows and adapts them into the characters in the game. Warning! It can be quite addictive. There is a chance you will still have to play this game after today. There is a big chance you are too old to know what Super Why! is. It is a popular superhero protagonist new generation kids can relate with. This superhero uses English learning skills like spelling to fight crime and solve problems. It sounds really intelligent, so you would really enjoy it.

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