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Six Best Youtube Yoga Channels That Can Improve Your Practice

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Practising yoga takes a lot of commitment. We all know it’s healthy and has a truckload full of physical benefits, but there’s more to it than this. Your mind also gets the adequate purge it needs. However, you can achieve none of these things without a qualified instructor guiding you along the way.


If you’re a beginner, you can go through the yoga beginner’s guide, but nothing beats a good instructor. There are 254 million yoga videos on YouTube, but we only have the top ten we believe are right for you.


You can start practising yoga in your home and even on the bed. There’s no wrong place to practise because of the diverse options of poses. Sadly, you could limit yourself by repeating poses and not doing them right. If you find it hard to follow written instructions then you should listen to them. This can be a fun way to begin your practice from the comfort of your home.


Honestly, signing up for classes is good, but would you be willing to leave your home when the mood strikes you? We don’t know about you, but getting up to go on a traffic(ified) trip to a yoga studio isn’t so appealing. Rather than get discouraged, just get online, hit the play button, and be on your way to oneness with your body, mind and soul.


The six best Youtube yoga channels that can improve your practice



1. Adriene Mishler of Yoga with Adriene

Adriene Mishler is a Youtube yoga sensation. She inspires people of all ages and body sizes to imbibe mindfulness into their daily lives. Adriene also has over four million subscribers, and her sessions are beginner-friendly. She has been sharing yoga videos on YouTube for more than six years in a fun and loving way. You can’t get bored for a minute.


Through the yoga flows, you can lose weight and combat health issues. Through her clear instructions, you’ll meet your goals.



2. Purple Valley Ashtanga Yoga

The purple valley channel regularly features renowned instructors like Deepika Mehta, David Robson and Karolina. They take you on a journey through the Ashtanga style. These tips can help you master and improve your practice. Ashtanga is a yoga style that links breath to movement, similar to a vinyasa flow class. But it is faster-moving, more specifically structured, and has earned a reputation for being somewhat intense. This is why their videos help break down the basics of the pose.



3. Jessamyn Stanley

Although she doesn’t regularly post new videos to YouTube, the body-positive activist’s backlog of content gives great flow. Through her videos, yoga and Instagram star Jessamyn Stanley shares her mindfulness tips and helps beginners get on board the asanas.



4. Faith Hunter

There are few women of colour yoga professionals who are active on YouTube, and she’s one of them. She’s the perfect instructor when you feel lazy. Her instructions would help guide you into poses that would get you in the mood. Faith Hunter is a New York-based meditation, a yoga instructor and an author of the book, “Shades of the Soul: A Meditation Journal”. Also, she also uploads videos for helpful meditation and beginners. You can do every step from the comfort of your home in such a short time.



5. Koya Webb

This is another sensation. She is an all-star instructor who also shares her vegan recipes. She is an internationally recognised yoga teacher, personal trainer, holistic health and wellness coach. Through her instructions, book and motivational speaking, she helps people sustain a positive lifestyle. She achieves this by helping them cultivate self-love, lose weight, increase energy, reverse life-threatening conditions and experience optimal health. Get on with this class because you’ll be getting more out of it.



6. DoYouYoga

If you want to take yoga seriously, then this is one instructor you need to subscribe to. They have challenges that can help you meet a community of like-minded yogis as well as to improve your practice. There are also office challenges, so you can get yourself doing poses during breaks at work. There’s no better way than to maintain a mindful lifestyle. Let mindfulness become your new way of life.


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