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Six Advanced Robots Currently In Development

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The emergence of new technology is bringing about advancements in the capacities of robots. Machines can now communicate and learn like human beings. As predicted by many, the idea of robots knowing too much and taking over the world is a scary one. There is no reach to how much learning machines can do and the influence they can develop over the years. The more advanced technology is, the more things robots can do.


Robots can now outsmart us, outrun us, outthink us and possibly kill us if they tried. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Internet of Things are a few ways scientists incorporate robots into technology. This will help to make them even smarter and more knowledgeable. These are a few machines that tech engineers are currently working on.


Advanced robots
Advanced robot by team in Japan


Six advanced robots tech engineers are working on

1. LS3

The Legged Squad Support System (LS3) is a Boston Dynamics robot developed for military use. It is an automated four-footed robot that uses all its four feet for walking and running (Quadrupedal Robot). The robot is capable of autonomously following its leader and understanding simple voice commands. The US marines used them for a while before discarding them because they were loud and very heavy. However, there are plans underway to make future updates of the machine.


2. Stripper Bots

German software developer Tobit Software created this robot. They exhibited the pole dancing robots at an expo in Hanover in 2014. It also got a feature at a gentleman’s club in Las Vegas in 2018. These machines have security camera heads and robotic dance moves. They can also be quite unnerving.



This is a full-sized humanlike service robot that can take on human roles like receptionist, public speaker and entertainer. It also has the capacity to give speeches and presentations in multiple languages. The idea of the robot is to provide interactive information for public spaces like airports, shopping malls and hospitals. However, some might find its mouthless face and blank expressions pretty creepy. The robot was developed by Pal-Robotics in Barcelona.


4. Ghost Swimmer

This is an underwater robot designed to mimic large swimming animals like sharks. It is an unmanned robot whose water animal-like disguise allows it to perform surveillance function underwater at depths up to 300 feet. It can also hide better than submarines. The United States navy intends to use the robot to monitor the oceans discretely without endangering humans.


5. Big Dog

This robot, sized like a small mule, is a military funded robot that Boston Dynamics produced. The robot also has the capability to carry a hundred pounds worth of materials across rough areas. This feature subsequently makes it particularly useful for soldiers. It also formed the basis for a lot more future robots like it.


6. Bionic Flying Fox

This Bionic Flying Fox is a bat-like robot that moves and flies. It looks like an actual bat expect that it has more than a two-feet-long body length. It also has a wingspan of nearly 7½ feet. The flying fox is autonomous in the air and requires some assistance with take-off and landing. Furthermore, the robot has the ability to compare data from each flight it takes to a database and learn how to travel more efficiently.

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