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Sitting Disease Is A Thing You Need To Avoid

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It might seem absurd to believe that sitting disease is a thing. However, an overly sedentary lifestyle that requires you to sit for at least six hours could lead to this.


People who work at offices or spend half their day on the computer to earn a living are in this category. It’s quite obvious that this has a negative effect. It’s evident from the way you get restless in the course of the day, stretching your back, practising sitting yoga, and so on.

sitting disease

The lack of activity can put you at the risk of getting a chronic disease such as diabetes or heart disease. Also, it can lead to cardiovascular disease, all-cause mortality, colon cancer, lung cancer and endometrial (uterine) cancer.


Generally, it’s very unhealthy to sit for a prolonged time without engaging in some activity. Research has proven that humans spend about 12 hours sitting down a day. You’re most likely reading this while sitting, which proves how the culture of being active has deteriorated.


The rapid technological advancement is responsible for leading the human race into this sedentary lifestyle. Now there’s the switch from working from the desk, to the car, to the house where you sit again for leisure time. It’s a cycle that only reduces your lifespan.


Sitting demands little effort from your muscles. Ironically, people who exercise after spending most of their day living a prolonged sedentary life are wasting their time.


Dr JoAnn Manson is one of the study’s authors and chief of preventive medicine at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital. She says,

“Even if you are doing the recommended amount of moderate to vigorous exercise, you will still have a higher risk of mortality if you’re spending too many hours sitting. Each of these behaviours is important and has an independent effect on cardiovascular disease and mortality.”



What to do about the sitting disease

You need to set your timer to about 30-60 minutes, depending on your job description. You can move around when the alarm rings to get your muscles in an active mode.


About 3.2 million deaths a year are related to inactivity, so you need to get up and get active. It won’t be easy to make a lifestyle change, especially when it has to do with reducing your sedentary duration. Granted, you have to make money, but don’t spend that money on health conditions that will result from sitting too long.


Therefore, making that decision to break the sitting monotony will go a long way in saving your life. It would also reduce the mortality rate.


Will you make that decision?

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