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Single Women Are Happier Than You Think – Experts Reveal Why

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One of the biggest misconceptions people have about single women is that they are unhappy. The idea of being without a man is seen as one of the worst things that could ever happen to a woman. Society plays a major role in encouraging such misconceptions. They celebrate men for being bachelors, whereas women are questioned, “Why don’t you have a man?” Certainly, it’s wonderful to be in a relationship, but it doesn’t quantify your level of worth.


When a single woman feels pressured into a relationship, she could end up in something toxic and unhealthy. This, in turn, could cause so many unhappy experiences. Many women face abuse from making wrong choices in an attempt to ‘find happiness’ in a relationship. Women are also faced with the fear of what society would say if they walk out. Hence, it’s better to hold out until you find the one. In the meantime, make your time alone worthwhile.


Gone are the days when women would jump the guns and hop on board a relationship. These days, research shows that women are actually happier being single. The number of single women is growing. Maybe it’s the unequal demographic or they have no other choice. The truth still remains that they are happy being alone, and we know why.


Experts reveal why single women are happier than you think



According to a report from consumer analyst Mintel, 61% of single women say they are happy with their relationship status, compared to 49% of single men. This is because, while women put in more emotional and domestic labour in relationships, men tend to be the recipients of such labour.


“There’s evidence that women spend longer on domestic tasks than men, and I think they also do more emotional work. So they still do more housework and cooking and things, as well as more emotional labour,” Dr Emily Grundy, from the University of Essex, tells The Telegraph.


Therefore, while they can well find an alternative in social networking with friends, men tend to rely on their partners. For this reason, they rarely thrive in being single as much as women do. Meanwhile, a single woman can achieve a lot more in her time of singledom with fewer responsibilities. She tends to focus her energy on being more productive.


Harvard-trained social psychologist Dr Bella DePaulo writes: “We hear all about how single people are supposedly at risk for becoming lonely, but little about the creative, intellectual and emotional potential of solitude.”




DePaulo points out that marriage gives access to more than a thousand federal benefits. According to DePaulo, this advantage leads to better health care. However, research also indicates that single women can lead healthy, active lives as well.


“If you are not already a happy person, don’t count on marriage to transform you into one. If you are already happy, don’t expect marriage to make you even happier.”


With the number of benefits from remaining single, it’s no wonder why many are reluctant to get into a relationship. You could aim for being in a relationship, but being single is not the end of the world.

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