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Singing In The Shower: This Is Why People Love It

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There is a very high temptation to sing in the shower. You would be lying if you said you’d never pulled a Beyoncé in the shower. The showerhead makes it even more Whitney-like, with the reverb hitting on ‘I will always love you.’ There is a lot of satisfaction with singing in the shower.


Our biggest inner pop star comes forth in the solitary of the shower curtain and the vulnerability of our bare bodies. We have no care at all in the world. Our dreams of being live on stage entertaining a massive Coachella audience comes to life.


Bathroom Singer


The reality for most, however, is that they most likely cannot hold a note or totally just sound like a frog. But the question now is, why is it so appealing? The shower singers will most likely never face a crowd or even friends to sing – even those with great voices. Nevertheless, the explanation is quite scientific.


Scientists say we are usually relaxed enough to burst into our favourite song in the shower because it is the one time in the day that we are all alone. It is a warm, safe, protected environment. You are washing away your stress and pretty much getting very comfortable. The relaxation causes your brain to release the creative hormone, dopamine, which gives you the extra jump.


The warm water seeping through your bones helps you to stay relaxed, and singing is also a good way to relax. The singing helps you release more breaths and that, in turn, gets more oxygen into your blood. It gives you better circulation and then improves your body and mood. This is because you are most likely to sing when you are in high spirits. The deep breaths from getting into the rhythm of the song help to clear your mind in the same way that meditation will.


Shower Singer


Scientists also say that people singing are rarely thinking about their problems, which even relieves stress even more. However, this is not the best part about singing in the shower. It is the sound system, the acoustic and the echo. Bathroom tiles do not absorb sounds, so your voice bounces back and forth before fading away into thin air.


This makes your singing more powerful, and the bounce gives your vocals a reverb effect it does not originally have. It is like the most primitive form of auto-tune which makes you sound way better than you normally would. This is the confidence boost that makes people who can’t hold a note feel like Adele in the shower.


The major reasons we sing in the shower are happiness, stress relief, great audio bounce and just because. This point of this article is to make you continue enjoying your shower hour celebrity status with great tunes.

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