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Singapore Joins UK In Limiting Huawei’s Involvement In 5G Infrastructure

Singapore has joined the UK and Canada in limiting the role that Huawei will play in its 5G infrastructure. The country’s telecom providers have reportedly selected Ericcson and Nokia over Huawei to develop their main 5G network.


Both the UK and Canada had limited Huawei’s role in developing their 5G networks because of pressure from the US to exclude the Chinese telecom provider on the basis of national security.


The company has been caught in the middle of a nasty trade war between China and the Trump-led US administration. With the latter accusing it of being a tool of espionage for the Asian communist state.


The company has denied all the allegations and says that the US is simply opposing its advancement in deploying the technology. Regardless, major telecommunication companies in Singapore will not involve Huawei in their 5G infrastructure.

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Singapore Telecommunications, the country’s biggest telecom company will partner with Ericcson in its 5G infrastructure. Another provider, StarHub-M1 Joint Venture picked Nokia for its 5G infrastructure.


Huawei will, however, still be in Singapore although in a limited capacity. According to Bloomberg, It will partner with TPG Telecom on it’s smaller network system.


Singapore’s Minister for Communications and Information S. Iswaran, however, says the government didn’t exclude any company. Singapore just gave approval for a nationwide rollout of high-speed 5G technology. The minister also expressed satisfaction with the outcome of its telecom operators’ selection.


“We never explicitly excluded any vendor. You have a diversity of vendors involved in different aspects of the 5G system and that is in fact a positive outcome from our perspective,” the minister told Bloomberg.


Singapore allowed the telecom providers to choose their vendors on the condition that they met certain criteria. Chief among which was security and performance.


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