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Simple Steps On How To Relocate To The UK With Study Visa

If you’re seeking to relocate to the UK with a study visa, you’re on the right track. Simple Steps On How Relocate To The UK With Study VisaThis is because, after your studies in the UK, you’ll be eligible for a two-year post-study visa.

However, don’t let anyone scare; it’s not as cumbersome as people make it seem. This post will break it down for you.

  1. Unearth your certificate, transcript, original WAEC result (you won’t need to do IELTS to school in the UK) and scan them into a pdf format.
  2. Renew and ready your international passport.
  3. Identify the courses you want to study and start surfing the internet for the schools that offer them and start to apply.
  4.  You need to be prepared to pay your school’s deposit after getting the admission offer.
  5.  You’ll need a personal statement or a statement of purpose, that shows where you’re coming from professionally, where you want to be, how the course fits into that, why you’re choosing the UK to study and why you choose the school.
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After you’re done with these processes, apply to the schools and upload the required documents. Then wait for their response. The feedback time is usually 3 weeks.

If you get an admission offer (you most likely will), you’ll be intimated on the next steps. However, if there was something wrong with your application, you’ll be informed. You can correct your mistakes and re-apply if this happens.

After this, you’ll need a bank statement with proof of funds to cover your tuition and living expenses. This is essential for your application. You’ll also need to do a TB test at the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) center in GRA, Ikeja

When you satisfy the conditions that will include showing proof of funds and TB test, you’ll get a CAS (confirmation of acceptance) showing the school as your visa sponsor to apply for the visa.

One common mistake people make is lying about previous refusal and other previous immigration histories. Don’t do this because they’ll catch and ban you.

People also print false statements, they’ll call the banks to confirm and ban you. What you can do is to be as truthful as possible. If you’re called in for a visa interview, the school will ask you to do a compliance interview with possible questions. This will help you go through your visa application process.

We wish you the best of luck.


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