You are currently viewing “Silverton Siege” Is An Action Thriller That Fails To Tell The Tale Of Apartheid era

“Silverton Siege” Is An Action Thriller That Fails To Tell The Tale Of Apartheid era

Netflix’s “Silverton Siege” is set in Apartheid-era South Africa. The film has its potential, but with bad writing and not having a clear path to follow, it becomes an average hostage thriller.

"Silverton Siege" Is An Action Thriller That Fails To Tell The Tale Of Apartheid era
L-R: Aldo Erasmus (Stefan Erasmus), Calvin Khumalo (Thabo Rametsi), Mbali Terra on set of Silverton Siege.


On January 25, 1980, three MK cadres Stephen Mafoko, Humphrey Makhubo, and Wilfred Madela  sieged a bank in Silverton, Pretoria, to run away from the police after their plan to sabotage on patrol depot at Watloo near Mamelodi failed.

The siege eventually sparked the free Nelson Mandela in South Africa. After 42 years of that incident, the South African director Mandla Dube brings this vital story of the apartheid era with his film Silverton Siege.

A 100-minute-long, highly paced hostage thriller has all the potential to become a memorable watch. Director Mandla tries his best to give the audience a slick, politically charged film about his country’s dark history.

In this film there are There are three freedom fighters (described as terrorists by the authority). There is the logical police officer and his counterpart, a bigoted and authoritarian superior, and hostages,

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Sabelo Mgidi’s written screenplay initially looks promising for the first 15 minutes. But once our protagonists enter the bank, the film becomes more and more uninteresting.

Also, the characters’ interactions while negotiating or commanding the hostages or arguing with each other seem repetitive. The motivations around every action in the film are left unexplored. As a result, the film messes with its path and fails to go anywhere. It’s just trapped in its daydreaming of becoming a superior tale about the psychological impact of political unrest and social injustices on the people blended with entertainment.

But as the written material is not quite strong, the characters feel underdeveloped and unmotivated.

“Silverton Siege” is still streaming on Netflix and its a good watch.


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