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Siemens Designs 3D-Printing System For Custom-Made Shoe Sole

Siemens have created a virtual factory in which it demonstrates how important shoe production factors can be realised economically through 3D-printing. EOS and DyeMansion are the two partners that Siemens partnered with in building this.


It will be a seamlessly integrated end-to-end value chain for industrial additive manufacturing with selective laser sintering and industrial post-processing solutions using polymers, Siemens said in a blog post. Additive manufacturing or 3D-printing has been a major interest for many manufacturers like Siemens. It is a transformative approach to industrial production that increases speed, reduces cost and waste.


To achieve volume production in the Siemens design, the EOS P 500 comes into play. It is a manufacturing platform that fits laser-sintering of plastic parts on an industrial scale. Also, it can be seamlessly integrated into an automated production.

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The process uses the FORMIGA P 110 systems for small, highly flexible AM factory cells. This can access NX design tools, which users can employ to design complex lattice structures. As the companies demonstrated, an example is simulating the digital twin of the created midsole in action on the people who wear it.


Additionally, DyeMansion’s coordinated three-step print-to-product workflow is important in post-processing. It allows scaling from prototyping or small series production to additive series production. By doing this, Siemens, EOS and DyeMansion are revolutionising production as we know it.


Design, fit and colour of footwears can be custom-made for every owner with this automated process. This latest accomplishment is also part of Siemen’s larger digital Additive Manufacturing Experience Center.


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