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Should Proposals Be Made Public Or Should They Stay Private?

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Last week, veteran actor Pete Edochie trended on the Internet. This was because of his stand that men should not kneel while proposing to the lady they want to marry.


The actor stated that Africans were copying western culture by going on one knee to propose. He stood his ground, stating that a man who kneels before a woman gives away his authority as the head of the home to the woman.


Meanwhile, the idea of public proposals has become a norm in societies worldwide. You are at the cinema, lecture hall or shopping mall, and a guy goes on one knee and asks his girlfriend to marry him. It is not surprising to see onlookers or witnesses making videos of such proposals.


Public or Private Proposal? Which Would You Prefer


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In this era, there are a set of people who do not fancy public proposals and would prefer an intimate one-on-one conversation with the person they are dating. This set of people may not even have prewedding photoshoots, which is common now.


Public or Private Proposal? Which Would You Prefer


Those in relationships should know the type of people they are dating before opting for a public or private proposal.


It is best that they have a conversation around the topic before the question is popped. There are instances of ladies walking out on their men while he proposed, maybe because of shock or they weren’t interested in a long term commitment.


Either public or private proposals are both fine, as long as the couple is fine with the idea. So which do you prefer, public or private proposals?


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