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Shazam Now Identifies Songs Playing Through Headphones On Android

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Smart devices being able to identify songs played on the radio is an incredible ability Shazam has helped with. The app can identify songs, singers and find lyrics in no time. However, Shazam was unable to do this with songs playing over the headphones.


Users have had to look for different ways to get the app to hear the song via loudspeaker. They did this either by connecting the phone to speakers or directing the sound manually.


But, with this new feature called Pop-up Shazam, life is easier. The latest Android version of the Shazam app now works with audio playing on headphones in the background.


Pop-up Shazam will now appear like a floating chat icon on the phone. It will bubble to the top of the screen once it identifies a song. It can also show the lyrics and artiste. Users are now able to enable this feature on Shazam’s settings.


Shazam New Update


The app works great with Spotify, YouTube and the radio. However, the update is yet to be available on the iOS version of Shazam.


It is interesting that Apple isn’t getting the feature first as Shazam was first introduced to iOS before Android in 2018.


This is most likely because of Apple’s strict rules for apps. Its mobile OS does not allow background apps to access audio playing through an app.


Meanwhile, Apple integrated its voice assistant Siri into Shazam back in 2014. However, it is likely Apple won’t grant permission to the pop-up feature anytime soon.

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