You are currently viewing You can now share Tweets directly to Instagram Stories, LinkedIn, Snapchat

You can now share Tweets directly to Instagram Stories, LinkedIn, Snapchat

Twitter has announced that all users can now share Tweets directly to Instagram Stories, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. The first two were already available to iOS users (the posh Twitter for iPhone people) but the last one is a new update for everyone.

We had been resorting to screenshotting Tweets and sharing them as pictures to other social media platforms but now, with this update, we get to skip the extra steps.

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In addition, sharing the Tweet to Instagram Stories allows you to edit its appearance like moving its position, rotate, increase or decrease its size, and so on. However, it is still not possible to interact with the Tweets on Stories.

Meanwhile, protected accounts privileges extend to Tweets sharing and it will not allow users share them to Instagram Stories and Snapchat.

With increased cross-sharing across social media apps from Twitter, the company is taking on platforms created solely for this purpose, like Hootsuite, Planable, Buffer, and so on.

iOS users have been enjoying these features since June 2021 and its rollout for Android users means that the company has perfected the tech across devices. Also, it means ‘death to exclusivity’.

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