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Seven Tips To Boost Your Libido Naturally

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Have you suddenly realised you’re no longer interested in s*x? Or continually find ways to avoid it? Then your libido may have dropped.

Planning s*x may seem unromantic but there’s nothing wrong being intentional about something that gives you pleasure

Naturally, s*x drive or libido varies in people. Different factors are responsible for a drop in s*xual drive ranging from age to anxiety and stress.


While low libido is not exactly life-threatening, it can be a source of worry for most. If you’re in a sexually active relationship, you may need to work on your libido to get back on track. Here a few tips that can help.

Reduce anxiety

High-stress levels can affect the libido in both males and females. People with hectic work schedules, life responsibilities, and other draining activities may lose interest in s*x generally. Anxiety and stress have also been to contribute to erectile dysfunction.


A 2017 review of erectile dysfunction in young men has suggested that depression and anxiety can result in reduced libido and increased s*xual dysfunction.


To reduce stress, make time out to do the things you love. Get enough sleep, eat well, and create time to rest more. Also, go for your best outdoor sports and take up exercising as this can help to reduce stress levels.

Take walks with your partner or alone and enjoy nature

Get good sleep

Getting regularly good night’s sleep will improve energy levels. Some research also links sleep quality to libido boost. In a study conducted in 2015, a group of women who had longer hours of sleep reported more genitalia arousal than the ones with shorter hours of sleep.

Be intentional about s*x

It may seem awkward planning s*x but if you can schedule other important things what’s wrong with creating time for something that gives you pleasure?


Plan a relaxing time with your partner doing something relaxing like cuddling and watching romcoms to set the mood. This will give you both, especially the woman time to relax into the act.

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Engage in foreplay

Studies over the years have shown that people experience great s*xual pleasure from foreplay. Thus, foreplay should be something you and partner heavily engage in as it’s known to increase a person’s desire for s*x. Spend more time kissing, touching, and pleasuring each other with s*x toys for enhanced s*xual experience.

Use lubricants

There’s absolutely no shame in using lubricants and it shouldn’t be something you shy away from. S*x can be more pleasurably with lubricants because they cut down on friction and irritation and, therefore, discomfort, gynecologists say.


You can get one from your local drugstore or use oils like coconut oil. If you’re using coconut oil, however, make sure to get non-latex condoms as oils can damage the latex kind.

Masturbate to self-stimulate

By pleasuring yourself, you can always find out what works for you and give your partner a head start. For ladies, self-stimulation has been known to reduce v*ginal dryness and irritation.


That’s why s*x therapists often recommend m*sturbation as a tool for women having trouble reaching orgasm. You might want to add a vibrator for enhanced stimulation.

Try herbal remedy

People are wary of trying herbal remedies but more research is showing they can be really helpful. For instance, a study conducted in 2015 says there is emerging data that herbal remedies such as Maca, Tribulus, Ginko, and Ginseng may improve and boost the libido.

Research on herbal remedies and find one that works for you


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