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Seven teenagers arrested in London over suspected ties to hacking group Lapsus$

Lapsus$ hacking group has claimed a lot of victims recently, including Microsoft, Samsung, Nvidia, Okta, and the innocence of seven teenagers with suspected links to the group.

According to a BBC News report, the City of London Police picked up the suspects in Oxford, and their ages ranged from 17 to 21. Although reports from a day before had claimed that a teenager was the mastermind behind the group’s attacks, the police did not confirm if they were arrested as well.

Their arrests were part of the investigation being carried out by the police and other agencies. And while the enquiries continue, the teenagers were all released and being watched.

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Cybersecurity analyst Brian Krebs, who broke the news of a teenager being the group’s head, had also explained that his identity revelation was more of revenge than a civic act.

Allegedly, the person spearheading Lapsus$ had led a group called Doxbin in 2021 and ran a website where people could leak and find the personal information of others. However, he didn’t manage the site well and even sold the data to Telegram.

So, in retaliation, the users revealed the teenager’s details as well. And since then, the police had been all over Lapsus$ and everyone connected to it.

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