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Seven Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Shoes are an important part of your wardrobe. They protect your feet from the elements and can completely transform your outfit. There are so many styles of shoes that you might not know what to go for. But we have good news! Here is a little guide in case you want to start a functional shoe collection!

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1. Classic pumps

stilettos pumps staple shoes
Photo: Amanda Vick/Unsplash

This pair of polished pumps will never let you down. These are a classic finish to everything, from the office to your evenings out. You can wear these shoes to any occasion and get that instantly elevated look.

2. Block heels

block heels staple shoes
Photo: Godisable Jacob/Pexels

Block heels are just as stylish as the classic pumps. But they also have the added advantage of being more practical, supportive, and walkable than the pointier heels. Apart from the style benefits, block heels also provide additional stability and support for your feet.

3. Casual sneakers

staple shoes vans
Photo: Paul Gaudriault/Unsplash

Gym sneakers are meant for the gym, but a pair of simple comfortable sneakers are a wardrobe basic worth investing in. They’ll look a whole lot cuter with jeans than your bulky trainers will. You could go with soft-soled lace-up shoes or basic vans.

4. Dress shoes

Photo: Shutterstock

If you’re into the whole androgynous vibe, smart brogues or loafers should be staple shoes for you. These are a more formal and classy alternative to sneakers with a preppy-cool twist. You can dress this up with structured office wear or dress it down with a nice pair of jeans.

5. Flat sandals

sandal shoes
Photo: Lumensoft/Unsplash
These are a more put-together alternative to slides and flip-flops. Sandals are perfect when you’re trying to rock Ankara outfits without looking too serious. Make sure you go for a pair with details you’ll be happy to slip into daily. Start with basic neutral sandals, then pick something with a fun colour or great studded finish.

6. Ballet flats

Photo: Pinterest
Ballet flats are a simple solution to feeling polished and pulled together while on the go. They’re as ladylike as they are casual, meaning we can wear them with pretty pleated skirts, shift dresses, or even cutoffs. These shoes get a bonus for being super comfy too!

7. Statement heels

statement shoe
Photo: Ethan Haddox/Unsplash

This is the pair of shoes you wear when you want to finish everybody. As the name implies, statement heels are the shoes that attract a lot of attention and are the centerpiece of your entire outfit.

Go for one with bright colours or an unusual texture and watch all the eyes turn in your direction.

What are your favorite shoes? Comment below. Don’t forget to share this list with whomever you think might need it. For more on fashion staples, check out our interview with style icon Ozinna Anumudu or our list of the seven bags every woman should have.

Plat4om giveaway: Check the picture at the end for a surprise.

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