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Seven Romantic Games To Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day

Valentine is tomorrow and if you and your spouse are going to a couples hangout, there are games that you both can enjoy playing that will likely boost your love life.


These games are not just fun and romantic, but will help couples know themselves better. Also, the lessons learned during the game will go beyond Valentine’s day.


Below are seven romantic games to play on Valentine’s day.

1. Roses For Beloved


Roses for the beloved is an interesting game to start your valentine week. In this game, the male partner has to make garlands of roses and put them in their partner’s neck.


All you require for this game is a needle and thread and a basket of 50 roses per couple. Mark a starting and finishing line say 10 feet apart and let the ladies sit on a chair at the finishing line. The male partner has to make a garland of 10 roses. He has to run to his partner and put the garland through her head.


Again he has to come back at the starting line and make the next garland and repeat the same till the fifth one. The one who manages to make and put all the five garlands in the shortest time wins. This Rose Day, you just don’t get roses but a garland of roses. Isn’t that interesting?

2. Dear I Love You


This is a great romantic couple game demonstrating coordination between partners. So why not take this opportunity to propose to your partner.


All you need for this game are tennis balls according to the number of couples. Each couple has to keep the balls between their foreheads. As the time starts, the couples have to act as per instructed like two steps to the right, jump at the place where they are standing, sit one step ahead, etc.


These instructions have to be fulfilled without dropping the ball. This is going to be fun that will keep couples close to saying to each other, “Dear I Love You”.

3. Box of Chocolates


Who doesn’t love chocolates, most of us do. No matter how grown-up, we are never bored with chocolates. So here’s an interesting game that can be played this Chocolate Day.


All you have to do is blindfold a player and give them a box of name brand chocolate. Players have to race to put all of the chocolates in the box in alphabetical order.


Players can do whatever they need to do (open, taste and smell) to identify the chocolates. The first player to get chocolates in alphabetical order wins.

4. Dare To Take My Heart


This musical party game comes with a twist. On this Teddy Day, dare to see who takes your heart. You will be needing a heart-shaped toy or cushion for this game.


Couples should stand in a big circle with any one of them holding the heart-shaped toy in both hands. Once the music starts playing, start passing the toy clock-wise. Now there is a twist.


The person standing on the left of the person holding the toy is “out of the game” as the music stops. The game continues as the music starts again. The person who holds the heart till the end is the winner and he/she gets a teddy bear as their Valentine Gift along with the heart.

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5. Do Not Break My Heart


Well, this is an enjoyable game where each participant has to blow off the balloons with a dart without hitting heart-shaped balloons. Things you require for this game are some balloons as well as heart-shaped balloons, one big chart paper and a few darts.


You need to stick some blown balloons and in between a few heart-shaped balloons on a chart paper. Players will then stand at a distance and throw the dart to blow off the balloons without blowing off the heart-shaped balloons.


In case the player breaks the heart-shaped balloon, he/she is out. Either you can keep a time limit or a limited number of darts. Players who blow off the maximum number of balloons is the winner. This Valentine day, you can promise not to break the heart of your partner through this game.

6. Blindfolded Love


Blindfolded love is a perfect game to be executed this Hug Day. In this game, each couple is blindfolded and they have to find their partner following some clues.


Couples have to hug each other based on the clues. Make partners stand in two different rows at a distance. As the music starts all will begin to walk guiding each other with clues.


It is going to be great fun with the loud music on so that they cannot listen to each other’s clues easily. The couple who manages to hug each other turns out to be the winner.

7. Valentine Kiss


Valentine Kiss is an exciting valentine’s day game to play on Kiss Day. In this, each participant has to get blindfolded and kiss closest to the lips of their valentine’s poster.


Everybody has to carry one poster of their Mr Valentine and one dark lipstick. The lady who is going to play should apply a dark coat of lipstick. As the game starts, the player has to be blindfolded and start kissing the poster of her valentine.


You can keep a time limit but not more than a minute. The lady who kisses on the lips or closest to the lips will win the game. Remember, kisses outside the face will not be counted.

8. An eye for an eye


On this Valentine’s day what you have to do is to look into each other’s eyes and who will blink or look away first. A fun-loving game for couples who want to level up their attraction for each other.


This is indeed a fabulous game for couples to restore passion in their love life and spend the day romancing with each other. The interesting part is that the partner who looks away first has to bear the punishment. So don’t forget to make it a fun punishment.


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