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Seven Poorly-Designed Vintage Vehicles

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Automobiles have come a long way from what they used to be. Car makers have also been very adventurous with their car designs. For car lovers, these vintage vehicles may be an absolute miss or just a regular miss.


This compilation of cars include some vintage vehicles that people collectively agreed upon as an absolute waste of energy, space and time – back in the day. Now, these cars are now cool vintage cars that are receiving appreciation worldwide. Old, cool designs are always a hit with generations X and Y.


Seven poorly-designed vintage vehicles

1. The 1974 Volkswagen Thing


A review said that the best thing about this car is the fact that it is called “Thing”. The car looks like it might only be useful as a golf cart as against an actual vehicle. The Volkswagen company realised the car was a terrible idea eventually and stopped its production. This was also because the car did not sell in major distribution companies in England, Mexico and the United States.


2. 1957 Trabant


This car was designed for people who are at most 5 feet tall. Termed totally unappealing, a reviewer thinks the car is perfect for a short Ted Bundy. The car was also loud, slow, badly built, terribly designed, uncomfortable and a tad confusing.


3. 1950 Nash Airflyte


Reviewers say this car was a failed attempt to make an aerodynamic-looking car. The designers apparently made the car based on a five-year-old’s sketch of what they thought a car looked like. The car looks somewhat like an attempt to modernise the old Beetle. Its design was obviously not properly thought out. However, the very vintage car is still being sold on eBay. It sort of looks like the car used in Superman TV series from back in the 1950s. Clearly, they thought it was a thing.


4. 1982 Aston Martin Lagonda


The car has an irregularly long nose that is almost Pinocchio-like. It was also plagued with lots of accidents. For this reason, it became one of the worst cars of all time. For a brand like Aston Martin, this was an epic fail as far as designs and mechanisms go. To make things worse, the company sold the luxury car for a whopping $370,000. However, new engine improvements have emerged.


5. 1956 Tatra 603


The car looks very aquatic. It is almost like the image of an irregular sea animal like the suckerfish inspired the car. It joins the list of some of the most unattractive cars ever made.


6. 1949 Crosley Hotshot


Appliance and radio maker Powel Crosley Jr inspired the car. This will explain why the car looks the way it does. The car was 61 cubic inches, and it weighed about 640 kilograms in body weight. That sounds super heavy, doesn’t it?


7. 1958 Packard Hawk


This car must have been a failed attempt at combining two car designs. Just like the name, it seems to want to mimic a hawk in its looks. The design was clearly a failure back then. However, it has gained more appreciation today because old school is now cool school.

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