You are currently viewing Seven Key Points From Twitter Files (Part 1)

Seven Key Points From Twitter Files (Part 1)

Touted to be the most damning revelation against Twitter yet, Elon Musk has released the Twitter files. In a thread by independent journalist Matt Taibbi, we have managed to cull seven points from the first part of the documents.

Seven Key Points From Twitter Files (Part 1)

1. Twitter’s content moderation tools were borne out of goodwill to prevent spam and fraud. While it was a deviation from the original idea behind the platform’s creation, it became important as the number of users exploded.

2. Outsiders, especially political leaders, began to petition the company to manipulate content, and the requests grew constantly.

3. It is important to note that the requests were made through contacts of contacts, meaning that it had no due process and both the Democratic and Republican party officials had their contacts.

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4. Twitter employees with access to the moderation tools, who were liberals or leaning towards the Democratic party,  outnumbered their Republican colleagues. This imbalance led to Democrats having the advantage over Republicans in terms of content.

5. Hunter Biden laptop story was blocked on the basis of alleged foreign government involvement through hacking. Although, the executives were divided over how the company’s policy on hacking affected the Hunter laptop story. The checks put in place to prevent sharing the story on Twitter included suspending accounts that tweeted about it and even censoring them in DMs.

6. The general attitude at Twitter during the Biden controversy was that the Bill of Rights, which upholds freedom of speech, was not absolute.

7. Most of the content moderation actions carried out in 2020 were done without the knowledge of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

According to the company’s new boss, Elon Musk, this is the first part of a series of revelations. The motive behind the Twitter files reveal seems to be to further paint the former admin in a bad light and parade the new platform as the upholder of free speech.

However, we could soon see that a Twitter run by Elon Musk is not so different after all. Starting with the permanent suspension of Kanye West account.

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