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Seven Hidden iPhone Hacks That Will Change How You Use Your Smartphone

iPhones generally exude class and prestige but the hacks below will surely make you feel like a genius and in control. From little hacks such as faster charging to taking hands-free photos, you will optimise your iPhone use after reading this.

Getting a faster charge

Slow charging, can be frustrating. For a quicker way to juice up your battery life on your iPhone, you will need to turn on your flight mode. This action turns off background noise (random notifications and GPS roaming) which drains so much power as it charges. Do this, and see your battery juice up faster.

Save time on your searches

While typing a website address into iPhone’s Safari, you can save a few seconds by holding down the ‘.’ icon on the keyboard which will bring up a list of URL endings. The option ranges from standard suffixes (.com, .co, .uk) to more uncommon ones.

Correct Siri

Siri can say something wrong. A name or an address can be mispronounced. This hack teaches you, how to correct this error. Respond with ” That’s not how you pronounce…(the address or word intended)” and Siri will ask for the correct pronunciation. Siri repeats the correct pronunciation to get it right. For more on Siri click here.

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Hidden iPhone Hack
GPS coordinates of a location on an iPhone.

Hidden Tracker

Go to iPhone Settings > Privacy > Location services > System Services > Frequent Locations.

A list of places visited is displayed, as well as how much time spent on locations. This hack enables you to turn on/off the tracker. Tap the  “Clear History” and then swipe left on frequent locations tab.

Backspace on the Calculator

Have you entered the wrong number on the iPhone calculator app? Not to worry. Just swipe left or right to delete what you just typed.

iPhone photography hack
Saving a picture in the camera roll.

Focus Camera

Tapping the iPhone screen when on camera, ain’t the only way to sharpen the camera lens. Holding a finger on the screen until the ‘AF Locked‘ box appears at the top of the screen. This action affords you stability, no matter how much you turn and twist. You can also read tips for iPhone photography.

Taking a photo when storage is full

“Storage Full” and still want to take a picture? Use the Facebook and Twitter App on your iPhone. Start a new tweet or Facebook post, click on the camera icon, take a photo. Photos are saved automatically on the camera roll. Yes, I know. I am a genius.


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