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Seven Hacks On How To Keep Your Bathroom Smelling Fresh

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If everything is right, the bathroom is supposed to be your most favorite part of your house. It’s like a decompressing room where you start the process of unwinding and probably the first place you begin your new day.

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However, the ambiance in your bathroom has to be premium for you to enjoy the bathing experience. This means that bad smells of urine, must or dampness can reduce how much you enjoy bathing. If your bathroom retains a certain unpleasant smell even after washing it clean, then you need these few hacks.

Light a candle

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This seems like a really obvious option but why jump all the hoops when it’s right there? Get a scented candle and light it up in the bathroom even when it’s not in use to quell unpleasant odours. If you’re not a fan of scented candles then you can stick your candle to a jar of coffee beans. The scent will radiate from it and fill the bathroom with the sweet heady smell of coffee.

Fabric softener in toilet tank

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This is yet another simple yet effective hack. Pour some fabric softener in the toilet tank. With this, every time you flush, you’ll be getting fresh-smelling water when you use the toilet.

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Essential oil in the waste bin

It may be holding the thrash but that doesn’t mean you can’t give it a little help. Add a few drops of essential oil to your waste bin in the toilet to dispel any foul smell that might emanate from it.

Perfume on the tissue roll

This is yet another hack you can use to improve your bathroom experience. Take a bottle of cologne and spray it on your tissue holder. Note that the perfume should not come in contact with the tissue paper itself. It should only be sprayed on the hard cardboard of the tissue roll.

Pantyhose air freshener

You can use the foot of an old pantyhose to make air freshener for your bathroom. The process is simple. Cut out the foot of the pantyhose, pour in some baking powder in it, and add a few drops of essential oil. Tie the opening with a firm rope and loop it around your shower head. This will dispel awful smells and also feel the room with a nice fragrance.

Baking soda on rugs

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Rugs because of their nature tend to absorb moisture and emit a damp, musty smell. There’s a way to remedy this situation without washing the rug even. Take a handful of baking powder and pour around the rug evenly. Allow it to sit for a few minutes to absorb the moisture before you shake it off. The rug should be fresh-smelling soon as baking powder is one of the best odour absorbers.

Toothpaste in the toilet tank

This is yet another way to ensure water from your toilet tank is always smelling fresh. Cut open a tube of toothpaste and stick it in your toilet tank to flood the water with the fresh minty smell toothpaste gives off. It doesn’t have to be a full toothpaste, just half of it would do.



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