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Seven Easy Ways To Break Up With Your Phone

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Admitting that you have a problem is the first step to getting help. Similarly, admitting that you need to break up with your phone is the first step to getting over your phone addiction. If you notice signs of this addiction, then you need to source for ways to get over it.

Most of us love our phones more than we love ourselves without even realising it. This is proven by how one’s health deteriorates due to lack of activity, an increase in mental health rate and less human-to-human communication. Also, you begin to feel worthless and depressed when you compare yourself to other people online. Their lifestyle on social media makes yours look empty.

We have become a bunch of phone addicted beings, and there must be a break-up strategy put in place.

Seven Easy Ways To Break Up With Your Phone

Still not sure you’re an addict?

The truth is you check your phone before you go to bed at night and after you wake up in the morning. Sometimes, you wake up in the middle of the night to check your phone. There are days that start off well, but then you pick up your phone to check important stuff and then realise time is far spent. You suddenly notice you’d diverted your attention to social media, a game or random videos. Hours are spent on this habitual unhealthy routine of phone app surfing, and it needs to be controlled.

The solution isn’t for you to get rid of your phone or to delete all your apps; that would only make you get another one and download the same apps or more. You have an unhealthy relationship with your phone, and there are many ways to build a healthy and positive relationship with yours.

Here are various ways to break up with your phone and take a bold step towards cultivating a positive relationship with it.

How to break up with your phone

Seven Easy Ways To Break Up With Your Phone

The first step is acceptance. Admit you have a phone addiction problem, and be willing to seek help. Seeking help could be as easy as reading on to the following steps Catherine Price shared in her new book, How to break up with your phone. To get more out of this, you need to read the book to get an insight into how to carry out this 30-day plan on breaking up with your phone. This would result in a happier and productive life.

“Our lives are what we pay attention to.”
– Catherine Price

1. Reflect on how you use your phone

Take time out to actually study your phone use. Study your relationship with your phone or you can ask someone close to you to be honest with you about your phone habit.

How often do you use your phone? How does it make you feel? Are you aware of your environment when using your phone? What do you do with your phone? How do you feel after you’ve stopped using your phone? Do you feel unhappy when you use some apps but still use it? Ask yourself this and more.

2. Try riding out your cravings

When you feel the urge to pick up your phone. Hold out and ask yourself why. Why do you want to use your phone at that point? What emotions do you feel? Try and see if you can identify the emotions you feel.

3. Set your lock screen as a reminder

Now you know you have a problem, and you know how it makes you feel when you don’t give in to the urge. But stopping won’t be easy. It’s like taking candy from a child. You should set your lock screen to something that will remind you to drop your phone. Use something like, ‘Stop, Did you click here for happiness? If so, put down your phone and go do something else.’ Download image here.

4. Consider deleting social media apps from your phone

Social media!!! Seems like it was created to turn us into robots, but some people like brand influencers actually use them to make some cool cash. If your social media isn’t a business platform but is actually sucking you dry of your time and money, then what are you waiting for? Consider deleting social media apps from your phone or moving them from your front page where they can be easily accessed.

5. Change where you keep your phone

Don’t keep your phone where you can easily reach it. This is the break up 101. Try to charge it in the next room and keep it away from you when going to bed. You can also drop your phone at home when going for a casual stroll. Try as much as possible to stay away from it.

6. Find more things you like to do

Get a more active life by doing other things you enjoy. Think deeply about this and come up with at least five things you enjoy doing that’s unrelated to your phone.

7. Check in with yourself often

Check in with yourself and your progress at least every month. Are you following the steps? Are you using your phone less unhealthily? Do you feel happier or are you still miserable? If it’s the latter, then you need to make more changes. Don’t feel ashamed to get help from a therapist either.

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