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Seller lists Pixel 7 on eBay, months before its official release

A Google Pixel 7 eBay listing has got the tech world buzzing because this kind of leak is unprecedented if it turns out to be true. It has just been barely weeks since Google even confirmed the smartphone and released its pictures. The company has not even hinted at when the phone will be entering the market. Then how did the eBay seller get their hands on it?

In an email to The Verge, the mysterious seller claimed that they had purchased the Google Pixel 7 from a wholesaler without recognising what it was. They only found out after doing some research. Additionally, the wholesaler had also sold them the Pixel 7 Pro as well.

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While the device appears to be a prototype, it seems as real as the real deal. Its eBay listing pictures show exactly everything that Google had said about the phone at its I/O event.

  • The casing is the deep black colour mentioned among the official colours.
  • There is the aluminum bar where the cameras sit.

The seller posted several views of the phone on the listing page and a front view showed the device touting a 128GB storage capacity.

Since the news broke, the seller closed the listing but the bid was supposed to start from $450. Google is yet to say anything about the Pixel 7 eBay listing. However, it appears that the seller could be breaking some certain laws by selling an unreleased product.

Regardless of the outcome, if the device turns out to be the real thing, it means that an official launch could be around the corner.

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